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Celebrating the Women in Our Communities and Our Lives

Updated: Apr 3

LiquiDonate is proud to be a woman-founded organization that is inspired by women around the world: the intelligence, ingenuity, innovation, and unrivaled professional and personal contributions they’ve made to our planet and our lives.

As March was Women’s History Month, LiquiDonate is shining the spotlight on female-led and -served organizations and individuals who make up our growing and compassionate partner network. These women—with whom LiquiDonate shares their commitment to empowering women everywhere to challenge the norm, question and confront outdated ways of thinking, and to be leaders in their communities—are pillars in an expansive network that grows stronger and broader by the day.

Photo by Alexander Suhorucov

Speaking of that network, the following organizations are committed to lifting women’s voices and serving them in communities around the country:

These organizations are just a small portion of the ever-growing, female-led and -served organizations that support women each day—and we know there are countless others we’d love to connect with. We’d love to know more about your favorite organizations that improve and celebrate women’s lives. Drop us a line and let us know who they are and why they’re an awesome organization. We’re looking forward to getting to know them.

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