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Designing a More Sustainable Future: How an Industry-Changing Cookware Startup Stores its Sketches

Where does an industrial designer (who’s also the cofounder of a game-changing cookware company) keep his sketches? In a flat file cabinet, of course—and that’s exactly what

Proclamation Goods needed and got for free from LiquiDonate.

Stephanie Ciancio, Retail Director at Proclamation Goods, is frequently on the lookout for second-hand office furnishings for the San Francisco startup focused on eliminating planned obsolescence—starting with cookware.

“Proclamation Goods is guided by an ethos of promoting reuse and not-landfilling. With our focus on sustainability and design, we produce a lot of sketches.”

That focus is what led co-founder, lead designer, and CPO Tony Leo to sketch what would become Proclamation Goods’ flagship cookware set, The Proclamation Duo. “Tony is always sketching on larger papers, so when I saw the flat file, it was an awesome fit for us.”

Stephanie claimed the file cabinet on LiquiDonate’s free marketplace and LiquiDonate handled the rest, including free shipping fulfilled by Lugg with logistics communication support along the way.

“It was amazing to find a flat file in the LiquiDonate shop. This is going to help us be tidy and organized with our space and product design—we're super psyched and grateful!”

The flat file’s donor was just as excited to place the item on LiquiDonate’s free marketplace, knowing that they’d extended the file cabinet’s life to a happy new owner. LiquiDonate was proud to complete the donor-to-customer cycle—and thrilled to once again fulfill its mission of connecting conscious consumers with the gently loved goods they need.

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