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How One Creative Company Is Rewriting Community Donations

It’s no secret that too many schools are stretched when it comes to supplies, even essentials like pencils and paper. Schools and PTAs across the country go to great lengths to try and fill these supply gaps. Thankfully, creative (and generous) companies like Blackwing are there to help.

Blackwing, a proud purveyor of pencils, paper, notebooks, and other tools designed to slow down creatives in a fast-paced, digital world, generously donated:

  • 4,000 pencils

  • 3,000 journals

  • 9,000 pencil boxes

  • 70 folio covers


Dheeban Sengottian, Technology Committee Chair at Borel Middle school, was thankful to receive Blackwing’s donation, saying, “On behalf of the Borel Middle School PTA, we sincerely thank Blackwing for their generous donation.”

“Borel Students are encouraged to be active citizens at Borel Middle School and in the community. We encourage students to embrace and understand the connections between traditional subjects and the real world.” Blackwing's donation will surely help Borel students in these efforts.

Blackwing was also proud to know that their donation went to such a positive initiative, and relieved to find LiquiDonate to help them give back.

“We want a program that exists to allow us to donate which was tried before but we haven't been able to maintain. LiquiDonate helps facilitate this.”

LiquiDonate was proud to help coordinate and manage the logistics of delivering Blackwing’s donation to the three recipients. Blackwing simply listed their donation on LiquiDonate’s Free Marketplace, the three recipients claimed their items, and LiquiDonate handled the rest.

Blackwing understood how important it is to give to nonprofits and those in need of essentials. “Blackwing sales goes to the Blackwing Foundation which provides money to support music education and national nonprofit programs, but Blackwing wanted to be able to donate product, too. LiquiDonate also offers inventory management.”

Dheeban shared Blackwing’s sentiment, stating that, “Our experience with LiquiDonate through this donation process has been AMAZING! LiquiDonate has reached out and followed through with every step of the process until the delivery of the donation. LiquiDonate is making a significant impact in our community!”

Borel Middle School PTA plans to deliver the notebook items to all 900+ students to build community spirit and has scheduled the pencil sets and boxes for student achievement awards. Just in the last quarter, the school had about 550 student awards and is thrilled to allocate the donations to such accomplished students—and LiquiDonate is proud to have helped connect such generous and change-making organizations.

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