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How a ‘Troop’ of Mushrooms Made its Way to this Hunger-Fighting Nonprofit

Mushrooms are having a moment, as some would say. It seems like social media and traditional news media are brimming with posts and stories about mushrooms’ magical health and healing benefits.

A while back, two entrepreneurs thought, Why don’t we bottle mushrooms’ magic and make them super-tasty? So, that’s exactly what the team at Troop did. Now, health-conscious humans can get their daily doses of mushrooms in a bottle.

But not everyone can afford to elevate their daily nutrient intake. And that’s where Porchlight Community Services steps in. The San Diego nonprofit is committed to tackling food insecurity at the source, and does so through financial education, community involvement, and personal empowerment.

When Troop listed 112 bottles of their mushroom gummies on LiquiDonate’s Free Marketplace in February, Porchlight knew it was the perfect fit for their mission; mushrooms offer an excellent source of brain- and body-boosting properties, complementing Porchlight’s goal of providing nutrition to those facing financial challenges. Porchlight simply claimed the gummies on the Free Marketplace, and LiquiDonate took it from there, handling all logistics and shipping coordination.

Both Troop and Porchlight were proud to provide San Diego individuals and families with tasty nutrition, and LiquiDonate was thrilled to make the seamless connection. Much like a troop of mushrooms, we’re all stronger when our communities are connected.